How much do you want to invest in more clients?

The market for solar panel installations is rising, can you keep pace?

What will you get?

What does keyword research mean?

Keyword research is the basis for every successful marketing campaign. Very often there is a difference between what you offer and what people are searching for. Keyword research will find out what your customers are searching for, either in organic search or in google ads.

What is a website check good for?

With a website check, we will find out the status quo. It might be necessary to arrange the headers, the mobile visibility, accesibility or other technical aspects. 
These are the basics to be indexed and to rank on the SERPs.

What do I need „Google My Business“ (GMB) for?

If people are searching for solar panel installation companies in their area, they very often end up on Google Maps. If you have an account in GMB you will show up in their search, depending on different factors. If you post there regularly and have lots of reviews, chances are quite high, that you will show up in the first three results.

What is a „Google Ads“ campaign?

A campaign for Google Ads brings you lots of visitors through paid ads (the price for the ad itself depends on your personal budget, we recommend 20 Euros a day.) We will create the copy, and the campaign for you, and control and optimize the conversion for you.

What is a „lead magnet“?

Imagine you have a visitor on your site and he has opened three tabs with the most interesting websites from the google search. He wants to install solar panels and looks at all of the open tabs. How will you attract him to leave you an address and his phone number to get in contact? If you install a lead magnet, you will get three times more leads than without it

Why do I need to implement Google´s reviews?

Reviews from Google have a great impact on your trust, that’s why it is crucial to have lots of 5-star-reviews. You can implement them on your website in many ways. 
It is one possibility to create liability and trust, which is necessary, so customers will ask you for an offer.


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